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Hi Bondi....yes, i think I got close to you on a couple of occasions.

The first time was off the south coast of Isle of Wight when I attacked you rather ineffectually, coming in far too fast so I couldn't stay behind you...... though I think I got hits. I think you may have crashed somewhere near Ventnor on that occasion, finished off by Brutus (Karaya's 'twin brother'!'
Then we met at Tangmere again but, to be fair, Brutus was in a far better position to attack than I, so I held back and 'watched the fun!' Needless to say, he hit you well and you crashed on the airfield.

I have to say, it was the best night's flying I've had for some time and 'big thanks' to Polak and the other organisers for giving us the fun. So good to see so many excellent pilots returning to push the standard (and excitement) so high. It was particularly challenging to fly against other human pilots again in unpredictable life or death scenarios. I'm beginning to find some of the other servers a little too predictable, with pilots sticking to their own side of the Channel.

No doubt about it, you just can't beat a dynamic 'human lead' campaign like last night! Can we have more please, Polak? Salute!
Yes, Marlow, I could tell it was you from the way you were flying. You landed a few hits on my Stuka but didn't do much damage, maybe a tiny fuel leak but I think the flak did that. You had a very lucky escape on your last pass before you broke off your attack, my gunner had to reload at that moment or you'd have been toast!

"Et tu Brutus?" It took me about a turn and a half to be sure I knew the identity of the Spitfire pilot who killed my radiators, my gunner and then me. You can change your screen name, but you can't hide the way you fly!

I had a lot of fun knowing that none of the missions would end well for my aircraft and crew. It gives a very different, more exciting view of the game than playing too cautiously, trying to protect a kill streak status without losing your pilot. Luckily, in the very last scene of my five missions, I was alive after a parachute jump, which was very satisfying.

I have a video of that flight over the Ilse of Wight, our fight ... and when I finally caught up with DEATH on 2 wings, I just relaxed and took the haircut, knowing that I would be flying again very soon without a disciplinary time-out!

My last flight on that server mission is below (the silent bit is where Sony claim to own the sound of the air-raid siren lol.) I wasn't sure it was fair to post this Spitty driver doing his thing, but it was a TFS member and they know that if you fly a public server there is no guarantee of not being videoed making mistakes...