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Thread: Not sure why the roll back!

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    Not sure why the roll back!

    I would have taken the issue getting my missions up to date and given feed back. The update was nice I hope it comes back and the kinks get ironed out. I updated all my missions on the server to match the new stuff and now we are going backwards. I would have wrestled with that pain for months if you would have kept it in.

    Anyway keep up the progress those that enjoy cliffs will continue to play...


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    Re: Not sure why the roll back!


    that particular feature (allowing the mission builder to set/change formation on a waypoint base) also changed the airgroups behaviour in formation flying. The result was that AI planes flying in groups (both in singleplayer and in multiplayer) crashed into each other - when they did not do that before. As we're not yet sure what exactly caused this change of behaviour we were unable to fix it, so we restored the previous state - for the time being.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlacKnight View Post
    I would have wrestled with that pain for months if you would have kept it in.
    I appreciate you patience and dedication and I value it. But other multiplayer missions makers had their AI suddenly broken and their mission and campaigns on servers not working anymore. Many single players had their missions broken by this and campaigns not working as expected while they were in the middle of it.

    When we introduce a new feature it should give mission builders a new possibility - not change the behaviour of already existing missions. But we're all not perfect, and sometimes this happens.

    Be assured, we'll reintroduce the feature as soon as we can do so without it having effects on existing missions.
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