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Thread: Hello 3d crafters. Has the incredible Fokker G1 "Ripper" been included in game yet?

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    Hello 3d crafters. Has the incredible Fokker G1 "Ripper" been included in game yet?

    I think entire campaigns could be built upon this incredible yet gone too soon (along with netherlands that is) ww2 heavy fighter bomber.

    A few pics, first the cockpit,

    and then a vast propaganda poster, that I wish was real when the Germans invaded as this could mean that those heavy fighters could escape to england or fight against all odds against the overwhelming invader,

    Currently, I don't own BOB. I plan to in the future if my 3200U amd ryzen laptop can handle it. If not I'll buy it and wait till I can afford to upgrade. However, having seen the incredible videos of the team, I would wish that this incredible yet
    forgotten plane is incuded. If it is, forgive me. I 'd have to start saving for BOB NOW. Love that Fokker G1. Its lines, everything about it is incredible. My flight simulator rig along with the incredible joysticks I had, way back when, no longer work.

    If this isn't the correct subforum, then I would ask a mod to copy/paste this to the apporpriate sub forum.

    Thanks to those reading this. (probably just the mod).

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    Re: Hello 3d crafters. Has the incredible Fokker G1 "Ripper" been included in game ye

    Hi Hapato,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I don’t believe the Fokker G1 is slated for future versions, although it certainly is a fascinating aircraft.

    I don’t know how well Cliffs of Dover would run
    on your system, but the base game, IL2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz, only costs about $10 US if I recall correctly, so it wouldn’t be a huge gamble to try it. With the ingame video options turned down a bit the sim just might run fine for you.

    Regardless, make yourself at home here, look around, and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. Don’t worry too much about where to post in here; I’ll just move any post to where I feel you may get the best response.



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    Re: Hello 3d crafters. Has the incredible Fokker G1 "Ripper" been included in game ye

    We will certainly consider modeling the Fokker G.1, as well as the Fokker D.XXI if we do a Fall of France scenario.


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