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Thread: Mission builder - IL2 Cliffs of dover/ Tobruk

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    Question Mission builder - IL2 Cliffs of dover/ Tobruk

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, flying the IL-2 Cliffs of Dover including DLC ​​Tobruk. It was with the purchase of DLC Torbuk that the problem came, before I bought it I created missions in the editor (mission builder) that I played with my friends, everything worked as it should and there was no problem with anything. Ever since I got Tobruk, spawns don't work for me in missions, I create them, set them up (exactly like before) and they don't work. When I start the mission, I don't have any white airport icon on the map or spawn point where I could "spawn". Has this happened to any of you? Or is there someone willing to help?

    Thanks in advance for the answers!

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    Re: Mission builder - IL2 Cliffs of dover/ Tobruk


    That's really odd, unless your non-Tobruk version wasn't updating or something. Even that said, the FMB has been pretty stable for some time. You might want to go through the Steam file integrity process and see if anything is missing(?). There is also a series of tutorials on YouTube that while old are very good and still relevant today. It may be that something broke in your triggers or spawn points that is giving you the symptoms you describe. I might suggest a review of those videos. If nothing else, it is a really good way to spend an hour (all six videos) especially if you are into the FMB. They can be found here:

    My skills are very focused on single player missions and campaigns, but I've been meaning to try and better understand multi-player. So I might be up for the challenge. Feel free to DM me and we can arrange for you to send me a sample mission file and I can take a look. No guarantees.

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    Re: Mission builder - IL2 Cliffs of dover/ Tobruk

    That problem sounds strange. I just once had a trouble to spawn for several minutes, when I forgot to press "Start Battle" button.

    Can you share your mission files? So, others can check them...
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