After having not flown much for quite a while, I got a VR rig and have really gotten into flying again, especially in DCS. I've been mainly doing WWII stuff, but also some Cold War. The WWII servers are the 4YA server for really good full real historically accurate missions, but living in North America means its really only populated in the morning on weekends for me. At night I've been flying on the Wolf Pack server. It's not fully historically based, and you start with the planes running, but it's an excellent place to get some good practice in, and a lot of the other pilots there are a blast to fly with. Last night I had an incredibly intense dogfight there, and happened to record it so I threw this together. If anyone else is flying in the evenings North American time I'd love to wing up!

For this video I was flying the FW-190 D9, which I hadn't flown in a while so I'm rusty at it, but managed to pull through the full dogfight in a Dora so I guess I can't complain! This thing is a hell of a plane. Also, yes, I know I shouldn't be dogfighting in it but I couldn't resist .