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Thread: Finally my vr dream come true(almost)

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    Finally my vr dream come true(almost)

    Since I started with vr some 4ish years ago. I wanted a singleplayer tactical FPS in VR.
    But all the tactical or semi tactical vr fps were all coop or multiplayer.
    But thanks to the UEVR Injector I now can play singleplayer tactical fps in vr. I've played all the SWAT games even that very strange SWAT 1 that used video of real people, a style that was popular back in the 90s.

    Now I can wield my MP5 in VR doing SWAT missions.

    Later on a full blown vr mod will come to Ready or not. To improve control's and also give us hands and arms back.

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    Re: Finally my vr dream come true(almost)

    love it !

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