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  • No, aircrafts (human and IA) are enough

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  • No, I don't use the tacview recorder cause of no ballistic

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  • No, I wait tacview embeded natively in game

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Thread: Evolution of TacView Recorder

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    Evolution of TacView Recorder

    If it's feasible, I want to add tracking of other objects in the TacView Recorder (trains, boats, vehicles,...)
    Before we start development, I'd like to hear your opinion.
    Can you take this poll so I know if enough people are interested?

    Please note, ballistic of projectiles are NOT recorded and displayed in TacView with this tool.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Evolution of TacView Recorder

    Je suis intéressé mais va falloir que tu m'apprennes à m en servir

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    Re: Evolution of TacView Recorder

    Tracking more objects is good but effort may be better spent integrating Tacview into the game as opposed to as an add-on.

    Enabling it in multiplayer by default would be my first choice. Is the concern for possible cheating? Is it a big performance hit to servers?

    Thanks again to the tool.

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    Re: Evolution of TacView Recorder

    I use it extensively for mission building. I helps me see the entire picture of the missions, find unexpected AI behaviours, tune interception points, etc. Really helpful and since missions very often includes ships and vehicles, particularly as targets, the improvements would only make my work more effective.
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