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Thread: Team Fusion are looking for talented modders. Here is the info. :)

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    Team Fusion are looking for talented modders. Here is the info. :)

    If you have talent for Modding whether that be modelling, effects, coding or map-making Team Fusion are actively seeking new blood to join our group to help Mod the flight simulation IL2: Cliffs of Dover. In the year since we have been working on Mods for the sim, we have steadily improved and re-written the original released and very bugged software, into a complete player experience with new seasons, new aircraft variants, a completely revised flight model and huge amounts of effects work to bring the Sim from a low FPS slide-show, to a much more fluid and enhanced FPS count.

    Currently we are in the final stages of making our own tools for importing and exporting objects and aircraft and are currently creating a new map to expand Theatres of war available. This has taken a lot of time and as a Team we feel that to move forward it would be in our best interests to bring in new members to the Group who are as enthusiastic and like-minded as we are. Our main aim and goal is to make Cliffs of Dover a must have addition to your Flight Sim library. With this in mind we are currently looking for members of any modding, modelling or coding community who feels they have the necessary skills and dedication to join our dedicated and much respected team of modders, with the spirit and tenacity to drive the software forward and achieve the realisation that was hoped by it's original developer's before it was closed down.

    Team Fusion are a group of Flight Sim (and modding) enthusiasts who take great pleasure in modding Cliffs of Dover so that the Flight Sim can be accessible by the majority of aviation enthusiasts and newcomers who would like to see what all the interest is about.

    None of Team Fusion are paid. We do this as a hobby and for the pleasure we get from seeing the Community grow due to our dedication and expertise.

    If you have any of the talents above and think you will work well as part of our Team please send me an email with details of what you think you can offer and some examples of work.

    Please understand this is all done as a hobby and for free, but if you think you would like to offer your skills and be part of our team, send me an email to:

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    Re: Team Fusion are looking for talented modders. Here is the info. :)

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