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    ATAG Flight School

    I'm pleased to announce that several veteran members of ATAG are offering up their time to assist new pilots, and existing pilots, that wish to learn new aircraft.

    All requests will be dealt with on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please be patient as there may be several people ahead of you in line. Since our instructors are donating their free time, and time they could be spending playing the game themselves, I ask that you be patient and respectful of their generosity.

    First and foremost, this is a program offered to assist those of you that might be having difficulty getting past the early learning curve of this combat flight simulator; but it's also for those veteran pilots that have limited themselves to an aircraft or two and are looking to broaden their horizons.

    I ask that you have your game and computer set up and running to an acceptable level for Cliffs of Dover, these members have offered their time as pilots and we might not be the best people to talk to when it comes to getting this sim to run on your PC. If you're having issues running the game please refer to the ATAG Forums for help in setting up your system.

    ATAG Forums -

    - Please make sure you have the appropriate keys set up for the aircraft that you are looking for instruction on, if you're not sure which keys you need please feel free to ask this on the ATAG Forums as well.

    - You must have TeamSpeak installed and a decent quality microphone, it's not possible to teach in real time without TeamSpeak as a means of communication.

    - Our instructors are located on various continents and time-zones, so if you're in the UK we'll try to put you in touch with an instructor that is close to you and fits best with your available times.

    - At this time English is the predominant language offered, but we have one instructor who's native language is Portuguese.

    - Please make your request known by starting a new post in this Flight School forum, any questions can come directly to me (ATAG_Keller) via Private Message and I will answer them as soon as possible. I'd like to keep this sub-forum for requests for training only.

    Here are the details for each current instructor:

    ATAG_Keller - EST - Canada - English

    ATAG_Lolsav - GMT - Portugal - English/Portuguese

    ATAG_Septic - GMT - UK - English

    ATAG_Torric270 - CST - United States - English

    ATAG_EvangelusE - GMT - UK - English

    ATAG_DRock - EST - Canada - English

    ATAG_Torian - ACST - Australia - English

    In the chart below you will see the aircraft and the courses being offered in the left two columns. You will see the available instructors names listed in the row of the course that's being offered.

    **Each instructor has individual "available times", so please include in your post your time zone and the times that you will most likely be available.**

    Course levels are numbered based on difficulty, with Level 1 being basic, and Levels 2 and 3 being more advanced. Please request the course that best describes the skills that you wish to learn; a brand new pilot should begin with a Level 1 course before requesting a higher level.

    If you are confident that your current skill is above a certain level then please feel free to request a higher level course.

    You may also contact me (ATAG_Keller) if you wish to take a mini course on the following subjects, I will direct you to an instructor that can assist you with:

    -Aerial Gunnery
    -Using Course Autopilot
    -Managing Planes with Multiple Fuel Tanks

    February 10 2014 - I've created some new channels on ATAG's TeamSpeak server. ATAG Flight School - Allied and ATAG Flight School - Axis are for communication during training.

    ATAG Flight School - Ready Room is a place for instructors and students to meet and discuss before beginning a lesson. The Channels are password protected so you'll have to send a PM in TeamSpeak to the instructor so he can drag you into the channel.

    Thanks for your interest in ATAG's Flight School.

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