Before you report a bug or a (wish for) a feature, please consider:

What is a Bug, What is a Feature, And What is a Technical Issue

  • Technical Issue: graphic or audio anomalies and crashes (e.g. launcher.exe) are in 96.861% of the cases not a bug, but the result of a problem with drivers, operating system, settings, third party software, not emptying the cache after update, or the like.
    So please, please, please open up a thread with your issue here first and only after you and the others have determined that it is in fact a bug in CloD go to the bugtracker and open an issue there.

  • Bug: Something what is there but working wrong is a bug
    i.e. The lever for the wheel brakes is animated the wrong way round

  • Feature: Something what is not there yet, but we wish to be there is a feature
    i.e. The lever for the wheel brakes should be animated

  • Concerning the grey zone between bugs and features: Prefer bug over feature
    i.e. The feature AI should warm up their engines before takeoff was rejected by Luthier because CPU can not handle that much load for many AI aircraft. It would have been better as the bug AI does not wait for player to warm up his engine in offline missions, COOPs and campaigns. This puts the focus on the real issue and leaves the solution to the developers (i.e. putting AI on hold till player's engine has working temperature).

Please, Read The Bugtracker's Guidelines

This Forum Here and The Bugtracker There

  • The bugtracker is just a database of bugs, features, evidence, and documentation
  • All discussions should be here in the Forum

Ok, And Where Is This Bugtracker now?

  • If you have read the guidelines, you already know.