Raiders v1.0.1

900 hrs

Winds from the W @ 2 m/s.

4 Days ago England and her allies launched a raid into the city of Boulogne. Our ground forces have the city surrounded and the enemy shall soon suffer a total collapse. The Luftwaffe is supporting this effort, and plays a key role in throwing these "raiders' back to the sea. Aside from our regular duties with the bombing campaign against England, we will assist our army by taking out key bridges and artillery locations, as well as destroying the enemy re-supply ships in the channel.

JG. orders:

-Escort, patrol, and protect our troop staging area near Estree, and the railyards in Samer and Hesdin.

-Valuable fuel distribution and a munitions factory in the northern sectors must also be patrolled, as well as the Fruges communication HQ.

-Our frontline airfeilds are under threat! Cover them carefully, especially Campagne Les Guines, which is homebase to our E-1 Jabos and the 109 E-4N!

-Our troop trains may need air cover when called upon. One travelling from St Omer west to Samer, another travelling from Estree, to the coast, then north to Boulogne.

Bombing orders/values:

=25= 5 Enemy supply/troop ships inbound west of Boulogne

=10= 2 Bridges in Boulogne centre (1 rail, 1 regular)

=10= BA 19.1 Enemy artillery base east of Boulogne

=10= AU 25.6 Faversham Railyard

=10= AS 21.1 Battle Artillery Factory

=10= AS 24.1 Maidstone Factory

=10= AT 22.8 Tenterdam Communications Relay

Destroy the following RAF Airfeilds: (We believe Hawkinge and Littlestone are home to Spitfire IIa and Fighter-Bomber squadrons)

=15= RAF Hawkinge

=15= RAF Lympne

=15= RAF Littlestone

95 = victory

AIRSPAWNS "CAI airborne" for BR20's are available.

*Bomber base frequencies : Oye Plage 318 (includes Lorenz Landing System), and Boulogne 306.

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