Operation Sandstorm

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Recon photos:




TIME: 1700

WEATHER: Clear skies

Fighter aircraft are located at all active airfields.

Bomber aircraft are located at all active airfields except Bir el Baheria No. 1 and Menastir No. 2.


Allied forces have begun to force their way west along the coast and our southern flank. The town of Bardia has begun to fall. Enemy forces are pushing along the coast and an amphibious assault to the north of our lines has now begun. The initial landing forces have secured a stronghold along the beach and canyon just west of the landing zone. The town of Bardia and our forward deployed armor units are being shelled by several ships. Ground troops in the area report possible cruiser and battleship types moving along the coastline.

BOMBER ORDERS (Must destroy enough targets to reach 5 points):

Destroy the Allied re-supply underway at Sidi Barrani. (1 point)

Allied fuel convoy reported leaving Alam el Neiyat, heading north towards Qabr Humri, final destination Fort Capuzzo. (1 point)

Allied supply convoy reported leaving Sidi Barrani heading west towards the Sollum along the coast. (1 point)

Radar installations reported near Bir Battuma, Gasr el Abid, and Qabr el Minifiya. Destroy all three radar stations. (1 point) OR

Radar headquarters building may also be located and destroyed, which will destroy the radar and award without destroying all radar stations. (1 point)