Running Mission Red

Late September 1940 – Sealion v45.3

Weather: Partly cloudy, winds from the SW @ 6 knots.


Get your arses out of bed, Jerry is crossing the Channel!! We've heard rumours for weeks from the French Resistance and have seen the pictures from our reconnaissance aircraft of the build-up at Calais but we didn't think Herr Hitler had the nerve to actually try and invade. Folkestone and Dover were heavily bombed last night and are still burning. Before dawn German troops began loading and have set sail with a ragtag fleet of civilian and military vessels. The Cliffs of Dover appears to be the landing site and rumors are running wild of German paratrooper landings all over. Several companies of elite Fallschirmjäger have occupied the town of Hawkinge making use of the nearby airfield impossible. Expect heavy ground fire in that area. We cannot allow the Germans to establish a foothold on English soil. Remember the words of the Prime Minister and do your duty today.

"If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground." - Winston Churchill

Fighter Command Orders

- Establish air superiority over Dover (AX23). Expect the Luftwaffe to launch frequent attacks on the harbor and nearby coastal defenses (AY23.7).

- The army is scrambling to move troops & tanks into Dover and throw the Germans back into the sea. The rail yards at Canterbury (AW25.1) & Ashford (AU23.9) are packed with men & equipment and are prime targets for German level bombers.

- If we weren't stretched thin enough, Bomber Command will be launching constant attacks on the German invasion ships. Jerry is sure to have a strong fighter presence over their fleet and the Blenheims will be easy meat if we don't tie up their fighters.

- In accordance with their Blitzkrieg doctrine the coastal airfields at Littlestone (AV22.2), Lympne (AV23.2), and Canterbury (AW24.8) are sure to come under attack. After constant attack from fighter-bombers Manston was abandoned in late August. The RAF cannot afford to be pushed further inland if we hope to achieve air superiority.

Bomber Command Orders

- Several waves of German barges, destroyers, and support ships are crossing the Channel from Calais (BB21) heading towards Dover (AX23). A second invasion fleet is sailing from Boulogne (AY20) to Folkestone (AW22). Every ship we can destroy at sea is one less spilling jack boot thugs onto our beaches.

- French Resistance reports that a large contingent of German High Command & Officers have gathered at a bunker complex at Cap Griz Nez (AZ20.8) in order to spectate the invasion. It's possible the Führer himself could be in attendance. Disrupting their Command & Control could throw their invasion plans into chaos.

- The airfield at Calais-Marck (BC21.7) is home to German fighter-bomber and Stuka squadrons. The Luftwaffe is sure to rely on them heavily today for close support of their invasion forces. Raids on their airfield would not only draw fighters away from defending their invasion fleet but also allow our boys on the ground to man their guns without threat of Jerry bombers overhead.

- Several months of hard fighting have worn the Luftwaffe down to a fraction of the original strength. Pilot and aircraft fatigue are so great they have requested help from their Italian allies. A detachment from the Regia Aeronautica has recently became operational and were probably responsible for the bombing of Dover last evening. Knock out their base at Zutkerque (BD20.4) and send them back to Italy.

Chain Home RDF Instructions: Press Tab then 4. Mission then 1. Chain Home RDF. First, you must connect to a dispatch controller. Press 1. Select Dispatch Controller to see a list of controllers within range. For this mission connect to Luton (Ash). Once conntected to a controller select option 2. Get Radar Contacts for a report which will display in the chat console. Avoid using the 0. Back option, use Tab to exit instead. If you cannot connect to a controller you could be out of range.

AIRSPAWNS "RAF airborne" for Beaufighter and Blenheim IV late are available.