Be respectful and have fun.

Below are some fine prints.


Vulching is allowed. That means that any enemy plane regardless of its position (in the air / on the ground) is a legitimate target. We setup our missions so that if you want to get directly into the action, the forward air fields are there to allow you to do so. But with spawning in on the front lines, be expected to spawn into your airfield possibly being attacked. War is hell, and this sort of thing happened in real life all the time.

Perching is allowed. This means that you can fly cap over an enemy airfield to try and take out any unsuspecting enemy planes taking off from there. Again, you must tactically think about the situation (where you've spawned at, how long the mission has been running, talk to those on TS3 etc., and get a good idea how to combat this) As always, there will be airfields you can spawn at away from the front lines that will be free of enemies.

Talking in chat is allowed. We actually like to fly and just have fun - In game chat is for general chat to chat about the on-going mission. However, It is not a complaint board. If you have any suggestions, please leave them for the forums.

On our servers, we try to allow people to fly how they want to fly. Just because some people want to fly a certain way doesn't mean that those that don't should be frowned upon. If you want to take off in a Tiger Moth and tour London - have fun! If you feel like flying around aimlessly or just doing a visual tour and staying away from combat - feel free to do it. Heck, if you feel like trying to fit a fully loaded Ju88 through the hangers at Hawkinge, good luck.

Not Allowed

No intentional team killing. Lets face it, stray friendly bullets will hit other friendly planes from time to time. Shoulder shooting is an easy mistake when your view is severely hindered of other planes while stuck in the 1st person cockpit position. So please take stuff like this with a grain of salt. But what won't be allowed is someone spawning in just for their whole intent to shoot down friendly planes. This will get you a vacation from the server very swiftly.
Please keep shoulder shooting to a minimum.

Harassment in chat will not be tolerated. This should be a no brainer, but try to be civil. 99% of the players online are there to have fun. Tempers will flair occasionally. People will have bad days. This is all understandable and the facts of being human. But if you make it a habit to bring others down on a constant basis, or just flat out complain all the time, you will find yourself with a vacation from the server. If you have gripes or complaints about the mission, we have forums for that. If you have gripes or complaints about the game, 1C has forums for that.

Cheating and explotation of the game will not be tolerated in any form. If you are found to be hacking into the game to modify files to give yourself some sort of advantage over the other players on the server you will be removed permanently. The server uses Steam VAC, an anticheat tool that collect information over a period of time against your game files comparing them to official game files. If we don't get you, VAC will. If you recieve a VAC ban, this will make all of your steam games virtually useless. So take a real hard thought.